Privacy policy (Personal information protection policy)

Suzuki Morihisa Studio Ltd. (hereinafter "we") will set a personal information protection policy and promote protection of personal information as follows.

The use purpose of personal information

We treat in the reach of the following use destination where personal information was specified for a customer. We have a crackdown because it isn't used besides the purpose.
1. Execution of the business concerned with our business purpose
2. Delivery of goods, confirmation about customer service and contact
3. Achievement control of offered goods and service

Elucidation to a third person of personal information・prohibited of an offer

We manage the personal information kept for a customer appropriately. We won't elucidate personal information for a third person except for the case when we come under next one of them.
・The occasion with the customer's agreement
・When we elucidate to the traders who entrust business for a customer to do the service hoped for
・When it's necessary to elucidate based on a decree

One's own inquiry

After confirming that we're the person himself when a customer hopes for one's own inquiry of personal information, correction and elimination, it'll correspond.

Obeying of a decree, a model and reconsideration

We obey the Japanese decree and other models which are applied about possessed personal information. And we reconsider the contents of this policy accordingly and make an effort toward the improvement.

※We take precautionary measures as mentioned above about protection of customer's personal information in our company, but even if it's put by itself, we would like to ask you to pay attention sufficiently about management of information, sir.


Please inform the following of a question about handling of our personal information.

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