???? Suzuki could hire as an order caster in Koshu in a home country of a Nanbu Family from 1625. Suzuki Family cast Buddhist altar fittings, a temple bell and served the order of the feudal clan from generation to generation. Morihisa in 13th generation received national designation in 1974 as the intangible cultural treasure on which he should have the crackdown by which a record is making. And Ararenanbugata iron kettle (Suzuki Family 11th generation Kihachi making) was a commemorative stamp of a series of traditional handicrafts of sale on August 8, 1985. The making is continued, defending traditional technology at present.

Hankichi Morihisa Suzuki,13th Generation Suzuki Family Caster

1896 Born in Morioka City
1929 Awarded the gold prize at the Belgium Liege Expo Art Direction
1946 Selected continuously after Nitten winning of the prize
1952 Awarded the Grand Prize at the Nitten Exhibition for “Hakkemon Komagama(teakettle)”
1959 Awarded the Grand Prix at the Belgium Brussels Expo
1960 Appointed Nitten Commissioner
1961 Honor of the Majesty Emperor and Empress purchase in Hanamaki hot spring Shouun kaku
1966 Awarded Kunrokutou Tankou Kyokujitsusho
1970 Favored with honor the Majesty Emperor and Empress showed on the Iwate National Athletic Meet
1974 Appointed to the realm of Intangible Culture and Properties by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
1976 Died at the age of 81, Awarded Kungotou Soukou Kyokujitsusho

Kanji Morihisa Suzuki,14th Generation Suzuki Family Caster

1919 Born in Morioka City
1942 Graduated from industrial arts department casting, Tokyo School of Fine Arts
1957 Awarded the Grand Prize “Higa no odori (Dance of the fire Moths)” at the Nitten Exhibition
1965 Appointed judge of the Nitten Exhibition
1970 Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts
1980 Commissined by the Imperial Household Agency to replicate the “Kachouhai  Hakkakukyou” at the Shosoin Treasure House
1981 Supervised the design of “Fukurou no Ki (tree of an owl)” in Morioka station concourse 
1981 Died at the age of 62

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